Welcome to UnityCA


This project is meant to be the FIRST non-profit, open-source, and democratically-elected Digital Certificate Solutions Provider based on the COCA model. If you visit this page, it's probably because you are truly interested in the creation of a legally-protected, standards-based Community Oriented Certificate Authority.


This project just started, therefore almost everything is under construction and you will find a todo-list instead of a list of downloads.

Find a Web master

We need someone to maintain these pages. Everyone who joins the project should know what's going on by reading them. It's the webmaster's responsibility that the web pages reflect the latest stage of the discussions in the mailing lists, i.e. what was the conclusion of the discussion, what was decided.

Decide about the Software

Use existing software or write new software?

Decide about the Policy

Discuss about the policy, but be aware: It is futile to come up with the cutest policy if there is no software to execute it. Thus this discussion can't be independent of the software discussion.



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